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EtherCAT Motion Control Products (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) is an open high performance Ethernet-based fieldbus system that provides high efficiency and good synchronization quality for automation control. With EtherCAT, Delta's EtherCAT motion control solution can achieve rapid and real-time multiple axes of motion control, and is capable of controlling up to 100 slave stations that enable a 64-axis motion control within 1ms cycle time. It also supports 35 homing modes, point-to-point position control, speed control and torque control. 2 groups of linear interpolation, 3 groups of arc, 2D and helical interpolation can be implemented synchronously.

The IEC61131 SoftPLC under Windows is also provided as one of the optional functions for programming flexibility and ease of scalability. Delta's EtherCAT motion control solution is optimized for the demanding applications of multiple axes, high speed and high precision for fast, high-performance machine control systems.

139,00 EUR 139.0 EUR 139,00 EUR bez PVN

139,00 EUR bez PVN

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