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Tesys D, reversing mechanical interlock kit
Tesys D, reversing mechanical interlock kit, with electrical interlocking, for LC1D09 to LC1D38
TeSys D kit for reversing contactors assembly, for 3-pole contactors LC1D09-D38. For assembling 2 identical contactors horizontally mounted, connection by screw clamp terminals. It contains a mechanical interlock LAD9V2, an electrical interlocking LAD9V1, a set of 3 parallel bars LAD9V5, a set of 3 reverser bars LAD9V6. It conforms to RoHS/REACh regulation.
40,00 EUR 40.0 EUR
Main contactor Siemens SIRIUS 3RT2027-2BB40
Main contactor
Construction size S0
15 kW/400 V
Auxiliary contacts: 1 x normally open contact
Control voltage: 24 V DC
Spring-loaded connection
80,00 EUR 80.0 EUR
Heating Contactor 2 pole
LP1-SK0600BD Schneider 24VDC 056393 LP1SK0600BD
20,00 EUR 20.0 EUR