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AX-864E Series
Delta PC-Based Host Motion Controller AX-8 Series

The AX-8 Series uses the CODESYS motion control platform to achieve easy programming for complicated motion control settings. It supports EtherCAT communications for high speed motion control, and connects other equipment or software via OPC UA. It is suitable for high-end motion systems and fulfills smart manufacturing requirements.
1 300,00 EUR 1300.0 EUR
AX-308E Series
The AX-308E, is Delta’s CODESYS-based motion controller from the AS PLC family. The integrated EtherCAT interface enables it to control up to 8 servo drives as well as inverters, remote I/O modules and the 3rd party devices. Its multiple built-in communication protocols, such as Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA even makes it ideal for Industry 4.0. All these features allow you to fulfill your demands in various applications.
650,00 EUR 650.0 EUR