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EtherCAT Motion Control Products (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) is an open high performance Ethernet-based fieldbus system that provides high efficiency and good synchronization quality for automation control. With EtherCAT, Delta's EtherCAT motion control solution can achieve rapid and real-time multiple axes of motion control, and is capable of controlling up to 100 slave stations that enable a 64-axis motion control within 1ms cycle time. It also supports 35 homing modes, point-to-point position control, speed control and torque control. 2 groups of linear interpolation, 3 groups of arc, 2D and helical interpolation can be implemented synchronously.

The IEC61131 SoftPLC under Windows is also provided as one of the optional functions for programming flexibility and ease of scalability. Delta's EtherCAT motion control solution is optimized for the demanding applications of multiple axes, high speed and high precision for fast, high-performance machine control systems.
139,00 EUR 139.0 EUR
DMCNET Motion Control
Delta High-Speed Motion Control System

is a high speed and real time communication system, capable of controlling up to 12 servo system units within 1ms simultaneously. It can accept double precision floating point values 64-bits wide and provide up to 1,280,000 pulse/rev resolution so the servo system can make accurate calculations and provide operation flexibility. 35 homing modes are provided. 12 servo system units or 4 groups, 3-axis helical and linear interpolation or 6 groups, 2-axis linear and arc interpolation can be implemented synchronously. It also supports absolute commands, incremental commands and T-curve / S-curve velocity profiles, built-in position, speed and torque control modes for different uses. Simply by connecting to servo motors, linear motors, digital inputs and outputs (DI/DO), analog inputs and outputs (AI/AO) and other control devices such as stepping motors and manual pulse generator (MPG), enabling fast and cost-effective communication and control is easy.

is the best integrated platform for multi-axis and synchronous motion control in a wide range of machine tools and industrial applications. It is also the ultimate solution that provides effortless wiring, enhanced stability, flexible extension ability and versatile operation for industry upgrading and adding value to the products.
249,00 EUR 249.0 EUR
AX-864E Series
Delta PC-Based Host Motion Controller AX-8 Series

The AX-8 Series uses the CODESYS motion control platform to achieve easy programming for complicated motion control settings. It supports EtherCAT communications for high speed motion control, and connects other equipment or software via OPC UA. It is suitable for high-end motion systems and fulfills smart manufacturing requirements.
1 300,00 EUR 1300.0 EUR
AX-308E Series
The AX-308E, is Delta’s CODESYS-based motion controller from the AS PLC family. The integrated EtherCAT interface enables it to control up to 8 servo drives as well as inverters, remote I/O modules and the 3rd party devices. Its multiple built-in communication protocols, such as Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA even makes it ideal for Industry 4.0. All these features allow you to fulfill your demands in various applications.
650,00 EUR 650.0 EUR