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AC micro inverters for solar panels

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How to avoid electrohazardous DC wiring in solar panel operation?
AC microinverters offer several advantages for each solar panel that make them safer and cheaper compared to traditional central AC/DC inverters. First, using microinverters, each solar panel converts the resulting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) directly at the panel, eliminating the need for a direct current line between the panels and a central inverter. Direct current carries a higher risk of electric shock and a higher risk of fire because DC current does not reverse polarity and can cause more heat build-up in the event of a wire break or short circuit. 
​In addition to safety aspects, the use of microinverters is also economically beneficial. Microinverters do not require additional devices or complicated installation - they are simply connected directly to the 230 or 400 volt AC network. This reduces both material and installation costs. In addition, microinverters improve system efficiency as each panel operates independently. If one panel becomes less efficient (e.g. due to shading), it does not affect the performance of the other panels, which is often a problem with central inverters
  ​In general, the use of microinverters provides a safer, simpler and more cost-effective operation of the solar panel system.

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