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MVD1000 Series

Delta’s medium voltage drive is a highly-efficient, compact and reliable energy-saving solution. Depending on the demands of different motors and loads, Delta provides general and vector control MVDs, which are extremely versatile in e.g. the power generation, oil & gas, mining, metals, cement and utility industries. MVDs drive medium voltage motors which run, for instance, fans, pumps, compressors, mills, crushers, mixers, and extruders. In addition, MVD’s process control functions can increase production efficiency, reduce energy loss, improve equipment protection, and reduce maintenance cost.

Delta provides customers complete solutions with easy-to-operate variable frequency drives.

Product Introduction
Features & Benefits
Leading Technology

Multi-pulse input rectification reduces input current harmonic distortion, meeting IEEE 519-1992
Advanced drive concept provides multilevel output voltages and enhanced motor operation
Advanced control functions enhance adaptability against instable grid
Enhanced Process & Quality Control

Built-in proportional integral differential (PID) controller enhances control of process variables such as flow and pressure
Ride through and flying start features ensure a more continuous process in spite of input voltage dips
Friendly user interface provideeasy-to-use system integration
Lower cost of ownership

System efficiency is more than 98.5% (without phase-shifted transformer)
Optimized pump and fan operation ensure significant energy savings and short return on investment
Integrated transformer enables a three-cable-in-three-cableout installation concept using considerably less engineering effort
Reduced mechanical stresses eliminate hammer effect in pipelines and vent ducts, and lowers maintenance cost
Multilevel voltages and motor soft start minimize stresses

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