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Industriālā akumulatoru lādēšana

Moov 1Phase Modular Charging System
High efficiency modular charging for industrial vehicle applications

The 1 Phase Modular Charging System is designed for forklifts, pallet trucks, AGVs, and other industrial e-vehicles for an easy and safe charging experience. With three to five PM1350 charging modules installed, the 1 Phase Modular Charging System provides output power from 1 kW to 6.75 kW.

Product Introduction
Features & Benefits
AGV/AMR optimized

Designed for fast and frequent charging of lithium batteries in 24/7 operations
Protection features for auto-docking vehicles
Recovery mode for over-discharged AGVs

Ethernet Communication Supports

Warehouse / Fleet Management systems
Site installers / maintainers
AGVs via facility Wi-Fi
Energy Manager performing AC Peak Shaving

Versatile Charger

Worldwide single-phase AC inputs
Modular Solution for output power levels 1 kW – 6.75 kW
Models for 24 V, 36 V and 48 V batteries
Li-ion ready
Suitable for conventional connectors and for charging contacts
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MOOV 1KW Wireless Charging System
Charge Wisely, Charge Wirelessly

The 1 kW Wireless Charging System is a revolutionary, low maintenance, high efficiency product ideal for charging batteries in industrial electric vehicles and AGVs. The sealed electronics and contactless power transfer are especially suitable for use in highly polluted or wet environments.

Product Introduction
Features & Benefits
Contactless Power Transfer

No more dirty and worn connectors
No more manual plug in and pull out
Less downtime and cost of servicing
Ideal for dirty and polluted environment
Versatile Charging

Charge any battery type
Li-ion satisfies high current needs
CAN bus available for connecting smart battery or vehicle systems
Easy Integration

Share among 24 V and 48 V battery vehicles
Compact and low weight for flexible placement
Utility vehicles
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