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Uzlādes pārvaldības sistēma

DeltaGrid EVM
Forward-looking Smart Charging Solution
equipped with Advanced Energy Management

To help EV charging service providers ensure power availability, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction in new and existing EV charging infrastructure, Delta has included special features for EV charging in the DeltaGrid® energy management system. By enabling grouping of EV chargers, prioritisation, scheduling, configurable limits to charging power as well as leveraging time-of-use tariff arbitrage, DeltaGrid® EVM EV Charging Management System provides unparalleled possibilities for managing EV charger infrastructure.

DeltaGrid® EVM EV Charging Management System takes EV charging to the next level with the possibilities of integrating energy storage and renewable energy sources such as solar, in order to not only improve a site’s carbon footprint but also reduce operational costs through peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, load shifting and more.
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