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AC Max Smart
Compact and Powerful: Compact design with high output power, fitting effortlessly in any space.
Flexible Power: With a flexible 22 kW AC platform, perfect for both residential and commercial charging stations.
Energy-Efficient: Low standby power consumption.
Always Connected: Stay connected with multiple options - LAN, Wi-Fi, and Cellular.
Secure Access: Equipped with RFID Authentication, it offers secure and personalized access to your charging.
Weather-Resistant Build: Its IP55 / IK09 robust enclosure ensures it thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments.
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DeltaGrid EVM
Forward-looking Smart Charging Solution
equipped with Advanced Energy Management

To help EV charging service providers ensure power availability, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction in new and existing EV charging infrastructure, Delta has included special features for EV charging in the DeltaGrid® energy management system. By enabling grouping of EV chargers, prioritisation, scheduling, configurable limits to charging power as well as leveraging time-of-use tariff arbitrage, DeltaGrid® EVM EV Charging Management System provides unparalleled possibilities for managing EV charger infrastructure.

DeltaGrid® EVM EV Charging Management System takes EV charging to the next level with the possibilities of integrating energy storage and renewable energy sources such as solar, in order to not only improve a site’s carbon footprint but also reduce operational costs through peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, load shifting and more.
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UFC 200 Ultra Fast Charger
Forward-Looking EV Infrastructure:

Speed-up your power with UFC 200

Delta‘s UFC 200 platform offers the convenience of a single charging station with the flexibility to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Two charging points are available for DC fast charging up to 200 kW and two charging points for AC charging with 22 kW each. Thanks to the integrated power management, the available power can be optimized, the charging times of the vehicles can be reduced and the maximum currents at the grid connection point can be secured at all times. For larger DC charging parks, additional variants and configurations are possible to optimize operation or to implement different traffic / parking concepts.

(Available in EU market)
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SLIM 100
Address the challenges of next generations EVs with the SLIM 100

The SLIM 100 offers a maximum power output of 100 kW and includes rectifiers with 97% power efficiency. It provides simultaneous charging of up to three vehicles and offers the convenience of both DC and AC charging. With its ability to provide 100 kW of power in one cabinet, it is an ideal solution for space critical applications, as its footprint is 55% smaller than other products that offer the same level of power. This makes it well-suited to commercial applications, parking lots, service stations and urban traffic hubs where installation space can be limited.

(Available in EU market)
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DC Wallbox
Compact Design for EV Charging Service

Delta's dual output DC Wallbox advances EV compatibility at public charging sites. Its wall-mounted and modular design ensures cost-efficient installation and lifecycle maintenance. It also features built-in network connectivity for authentication and remote control applications.

(Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, JP markets)
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AC Max
AC MAX is a smart AC charger supporting maximum 22kW output and global charging interface. With IP55/IK10 and compact design, AC MAX provides high adaptability to outdoor and space-limited sites. By supporting ISO 15118, network connectivity and compatible with OCPP, AC MAX reserves the interoperability for system integration and can be an ideal solutions for commercial and residential charging sites.

(Available in NA, EMEA, TW, SEA, AU, JP markets.)
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