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ASDA-A3 Series

The market for automated manufacturing is developing rapidly and the need for servo products which deliver more performance, speed, precision, bandwidth, and functionality is also expanding. To meet the market requirements for motion-control in industrial manufacturing machines, Delta presents a new high-end AC Servo System, the ASDA-A3 Series. Its features include multi-functionality, high-performance, energy efficiency and compact design.

With auto-tuning and a user-friendly interface for system analysis, the ASDA-A3 Series provides 3.1kHz of bandwidth and employs a 24-bit absolute type encoder. Advantages include outstanding response, precise-locating and stable yet flexible performance. The series also has new functions such as vibration suppression, system diagnosis and a shared DC-bus design which can regenerate energy. Delta’s AC Servo System ASDA-A3 Series is a comprehensive technological solution which enables our customers to enhance their machinery’s precision and achieve excellent performance.

Product Introduction
Features & Benefits
3.1 kHz Bandwidth

Higher responsiveness and shorter settling time increases productivity

24-bit Absolute Type Encoder

16,777,216 pulses/turns ensure precise positioning
Steady performance at low-speed enhances machining quality
Keeps motor's position during power shortage

Advanced Motion Control

E-CAM & 99 sophisticated motion commands and segments allowed
Graphical user interface offers simple setup and programming
Arithmetic operation / comparison commands available
General motion functions such as homing, position and speed commands
Superimposition, blending, and jump change motion commands provided

Comprehensive Auto-Tuning Functions

Built-in auto-tuning function lowers the barriers for users and optimizes machine performance with less tuning effort
Provides step-by-step guidance wizard for easily tuning and setting up servos via panel keypad or software

Excellent Vibration Suppression

Advanced Notch Filter

Suppresses vibration for machines with high flexibility, enhancing overall performance
Adopts a creative algorithm to eliminate the shaking of machines without slowing down its response and speed

System Diagnosis Function

Measures the rigidity and damping coefficient of a machine and checks the consistency of the machine's batch installation
Acquires the wear condition of a machine by comparing data from different time spans

Multi-axis DC-bus Sharing Design

Collects regenerative energy and stabilizes DC-bus voltage for energy savings
Multiple servo drives with DC-bus sharing saves cost of resistors and installation space

Slim and Compact Size Servo Drives and Motors

Drives and motors are 20% smaller and shorter than the ASDA-A2 Series, saving space

Intuitive Software Interface

Tree-View index list and collapsible menu helps to access functions easily
Graphical interface provides set up functions and parameters, reducing setting time and failure

Machine tool, precise carving machine, gantry processing, TFT LCD cutting machine, IC packaging machine, assembly / inspection machine for electronics, industrial robot, packaging machine, labeling machine, semiconductor machine, textile machine

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